Frequently Asked Questions

Frequency Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?
Poke does not bill directly to insurance. If your insurance plan covers Acupuncture services Poke will provide you a “Superbill” which is the information needed for reimbursement. It is up to the patient to submit this paperwork to their insurance company. Should the insurance company cover the treatment they will send a check directly to the patient. Poke stays out of all correspondence and will not appeal any decision made by them. Poke requires full payment at the time of service, no refunds will be given.
It is important to note that every insurance plan has different requirements for acupuncture services to be covered.
When inquiring to your insurance company about coverage be sure to ask:
-Does my plan cover acupuncture?
-How many treatments will it cover?
-For what conditions do you cover?
-What practitioners do you cover for acupuncture services?
Knowing these answers ahead of time will give you your best chance at receiving reimbursement.

How many treatments will I need?
Every patient and every condition will require a different treatment plan. This is because everyone gets an individualized treatment based on their holistic health. Acupuncture treatment plans take into account overall health, how willing your body is to heal itself, and the severity of your condition. Most conditions take at least 3 sessions to progress. Some chronic conditions may require months of weekly treatments.

My employer offers a Health Savings account (or Thrift Savings Account) plan for my medical expenses. Do you take those cards?
Yes! Again check with your carrier to make sure Acupuncture is covered in their plan, but Poke has never had a denial from a HSA plan as long as you have money saved in that account. If for any reason payment goes through at time of service and the company later demands a refund please note that Poke can not give a refund, it is up to patient to solve dispute. However Poke will provide details of service upon request that usually solve any discrepancies.

Can I workout after acupuncture?
Short answer: yes. Acupuncture is very relaxing so you might not feel energized to workout immediately after. If you are receiving acupuncture for an injury or a pain condition Poke may provide recommendations on when it might be best to workout vs rest. However Acupuncture isn’t contraindicated with any specific activity.

Does Acupuncture treat….X?
Acupuncture is one modality in the larger umbrella of Oriental Medicine. Oriental Medicine is a complete medical system and can address almost any ailment. It will have better success with some conditions than others. Because Acupuncture is all natural it simply gives your body instructions to evoke it’s own healing capabilities.
Poke may recommend herbs, tui na massage, guasha, dietary therapy, cupping, or other lifestyle adjustments as part of your treatment. Poke may also refer to other practitioners should we find that you might better be helped by a MD, DC, PT, etc.

Do you require me to fill out paperwork?
Yes, at your first appointment expect to spend 10-15 minutes filling out a full health history intake form, an informed consent form, and an arbitration agreement. This is required for treatment to be conducted. It is important to share your full health history as Oriental Medicine treats the root cause of your illness. In order to properly assess your condition from this standpoint your practitioner must know about all body systems, medications being used, any past surgeries, etc.

Other questions?
Email Amanda at She will do her best to answer any question within 24 business hours.