“I had always heard great things about acupuncture, but was hesitant to try it because of my dislike of needles. I finally got the courage to try it and am so glad I did! Amanda made me feel so comfortable and I could feel it working the first session. I highly recommend acupuncture with Amanda!” -Erin

“Amanda from Poke Acupuncture has helped me deal with a variety of ailments ranging from tendinitis, headaches and general stress. Poke gets to the root of my problems quickly and always leaves me feeling healthy and refreshed. I defiantly look forward to my next appointment at Poke.” ~ Luke

“Not only is going to Amanda a complete healing experience both mentally and physically, it is also extremely educating. Amanda is so thorough in explaining how your body works and how she can help with issues that other medical professionals may have overlooked. Her extreme professionalism, warm smile and comforting bedside manner make every visit an extreme pleasure.” ~ Shane, Wendy, & Family

“Amanda is the best acupuncturist around! She always heals me up quick from any injury that I have sustained. LOVE IT!!!!” ~ Daniel

“Amanda accentuates her extensive educational background and clinical prowess with a huge heart and patient-centered focus. Isn’t it about time you felt like “WHOA!”? Investing in your body– your vehicle in Life– is always a spectacular idea.(guiltless Joey Lawrence reference)” ~ Dr Matt

“I only go to Poke for my acupuncture. Amanda is the best!! She is professional and personable with amazing healing capabilities!” ~ Jen

“Consistently fantastic treatments!” ~Jessie

“I have had acupuncture for sore throat with body aches, heel pain and all over general feel better type symptoms. I am so impressed with Amanda’s knowledge, compassion and skill. Acupuncture has been around for centuries. It has so many benefits without side effects! I always feel so good after each treatment.” ~ Pam

Want to add yours? Email Amanda at pokeclinic@gmail.com